Problems and Solutions

Problem: After selecting a group of tubes, no parameters are available to be selected for fingerprinting.
Solution: Check the parameters carefully for each tube (you may find it helpful to look at File->Properties - this will list the parameters, along with the total number of events, in each tube). If you've included negative control tubes inadvertently, its $PnS values won't match the other tubes, and QTube will (correctly) not allow the analysis. If this is the case, re-select tubes, omitting the control tube(s).

Problem: I click on the Run button but nothing happens.
Solution: Have you selected parameters? You need to enable one or more of the common parameters in order for QTube to work.

Problem: Many or all of the metrics are RED. What does that mean?
Solution: There are at least three possibilities:
(1) You are using a resolution that's too high, given the number of parameters in play. Try reducing resolution (see Interpreting Results for a detailed explanation).
(2) If you are already using "low" resolution, then these tubes are may be from different samples (i.e different patients) and so the distributions are very different. Remember, QTube is a QC tool to make sure that multiple tubes from a single sample are internally self-consistent. Including multiple samples will generally yield confusing (and probably meaningless) results.
(3) Even though your tubes all share a subset of common parameters (often used to gate an entire panel), there may be a reason why these distributions differ.  We've seen for example in some Leukemia panels that some of the tubes have been permeablized.  This significantly effects the distribution of events in the FSC, SSC and CD45 gating parameters.  In such a case it may make sense to QC the the permeablized and non-permeablized tubes in two separate QTube runs.